Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays =)

Huntsman Dave declared this the weekend of Landowner Gift making and Giving !

His parents, Steve and Jana opened their home, bought all sorts of gift bags, made carmel corn and a whole host of cookies and other tasty edibles (not Steve).

MFH Dave Keffeler donated boxes and will pay for the shipping of goodies to our landowners in Tipton and Burwell.

Natalie Mclain and Laura Allen weren’t able to come, but they donated monies. Volunteers that came: Dave and Bre, Britanny and kids, Board President Holly Barrett, Anne Marquardt, Helen Smith, Samantha Moran, Deb Robinson, Nancy Evans, Jubilee Miller, Catherine Dargin and RIDERS kids, Braylee Duckworth, Rylee Larson and Audrey Schultz.

Jana got us all organized and we stirred, chopped, sprinkled, dipped, cooked, sprinkled and plated! Huntsman Dave, Bre, Steve Kruger and Jubilee then went and delivered to the Arlington landowners. =)

Tomorrow Huntsman Dave, Bre, Jubilee, Catherine and I (and anyone else who would like to come) will visit our Kennel landowners.

MFH Monte Antisdel and Jay Stockhausen will be delivering their landowner gifts this weekend in the Cumberland country.

The BIGGEST thank you is to our landowners who give us the privilege to ride across their land! Without them we would be circling the 2 acres we own at the kennels. We have several different countries: The kennels, Cumberland, Arlington, Tipton and Burwell.  We have to improve our landowner relations and dedicating this weekend in December is a good start.

Keeping gates shut, staying out of alfalfa fields, avoiding terraces as much as possible (it’s easy to damage them), not upsetting any cattle and being respectful to any landowners that we see while out riding is also crucial.

Try to limit your sugar intake, get along with all your family members during our joyful holiday season. Try to not talk religion and politics and all should go well !

Many Blessings on you and yours.


Thank you Mary Curran for your donation of 84 glasses. We stuffed them with carmel corn and puppy chow

some of the volunteers

These plates will be delivered to the landowners in our Arlington and Kennel countries

Huntsman Dave and whipper-in Jubilee M

whipper-in Helen Smith and Deb Robinson

Helen Smith making peanut clusters

Anne Marquardt (new hip and feeling like a new woman!) making puppy chow

Samantha Moran and whipper-in Catherine Dargin making dipped pretzels with sprinkles

RIDER kids decorating cookies

puppy break

our youngest helpers