Come and ride with the North Hills Hunt


The Farm at Butterflat Creek is actively involved with the North Hills Hunt in Omaha, Nebraska.  Carine is one of the Field Masters, and has been for 4 years. The North Hills Hunt, first established in 1965 and recognized by the MFHA in 1968, is Nebraska’s first recognized fox hunt. Since Nebraska is long on land and short on population upon which to draw membership, the NHH is heavily reliant on volunteers. It is incorporated as a 501(c)3 non-profit educational organization, with a strong Board of Directors helping the Masters. The Hunt has had 17 Masters of Foxhounds, including current Masters Dr. Luke Matranga and Dave Keffeler.

The Farm at Butterflat creek is very active in the hunt community, traveling to all scheduled hunts and hunt activities, as well as offering facilities for hunt training and offering schooling and training services for those interested in participating.

View the current Fixture, or event, dates for the Hunt here.

NHH Fixture Card