Hunting The Cumberland Territory 3/7/15

Dear family, friends and fox hunting enthusiasts!

The consensus of the remaining five riders on Saturday was that it was the number two hunt in our recent memories. BOOM! You missed a roaring run!

I have most of it on my brand new Sony Helmet Cam 🙂, an early birthday present from my dad and Damaris. I had some technical difficulties: ran out of battery, it wasn’t tight enough on my helmet so it bounced a tad and I went so FAST-it was askew when we finally stopped.

I started my EquiTrack App when I mounted so I wouldn’t forget and that is a cool app. The weather: scattered clouds, 50F, 0% humidity, 32% cloudy, wind is S at 9 mph. We rode for 2 hrs 35 mins, 15 miles. My top speed was 21 mph. My butt hurt…….if I didn’t already have a crack, I got one. 😉

Huntsman Tyce, Professional Whip Hilary, Honorary Whip Nancy and a bunch of NHH hounds led our field looking for adventure, which included Mary Curran, Libby and Tim C., Lana L., Emma L.,  Camie and Jay S., Bill McGinn, Mark Hanson, Melinda M., Ted C., Helen S., Samantha M. and me.

Cody M. and Dave B. were road whips. They were fabulous, I’m tipping my hat to Cody. A mini van with four little girls as passengers has to have its challenges!

We left Brahms, took a left at the first road and then a right into the first field. The hounds started speaking almost immediately, although nothing was viewed. They quieted down and we rode on.

We started swinging back in the direction that we came and they started speaking again. We jumped a coop-Keffeler’s Kackel, one horse hit a slick spot and both horse and rider fell in the mud. They both jumped up unharmed.

Tyce started blowing his horn and I heard Cody on the radio saying a coyote was viewed. The hounds started running hard and we stayed right with Tyce till we got back to that same dirt road we started on. A giant circle. The hounds regrouped.

We went into a grazing field and I started my camera. We jumped a coop and the hounds were running pretty hard-BOOM-a big healthy coyote jumps up and the whole field views. The chase is ON! Over the coop, down the road and after about four miles, the field splits in two. Tired horses, lost visual and Libby, Tim, Lana, Emma, Bill and Mark retire.

Mary, Ted, Jay, Camie and I stay with Huntsman Tyce and the hounds until they finally have a loss. Tyce is out of horse. (Praise God, because I’m out of horse, I’m hungry and my left butt cheek is chaffed -that’s probably too much information, but we’re friends here.) By the time we stopped and Tyce gathered all the hounds- three couples were missing-we had run 9.30 miles.

We had a brief whoopee wagon, and I couldn’t open my flask. Ted tried and finally had to use his pliers/tool to pry it open. I need to drink more….we hacked home.

Jay and Camie hosted brunch and it was fantastic! Steak and chicken fajitas with all the toppings, including fresh guacamole. =)

They hunted at Cumberland on Sunday, but I stayed home and played with our granddaughter, Layla. Hopefully, someone will tell us what happened. =)

On a few side notes:

Mary Curran has been kind enough to run our Amazon Prime fund raising program. For those of you who don’t know about it, here is some information.

Members – Do your Amazon shopping on the AmazonSmile website and Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price of your purchase to the North Hills Hunt!

The AmazonSmile website functions just the same as the regular Amazon site and you use your same login info, etc. The only difference is that the North Hills Hunt benefits as you shop!!!

Bookmark this link and start shopping today!

Thanks for helping get the word out on this EASY way for NHH to raise $$$

Mary. =)

Emma Link is helping Melissa Lester sell some of Ricks tack. She has listings on ebay. Dehner boots, saddles-english and western, body clippers, etc. If you’re interested please contact her at

April Goettle is putting together clay shooting leagues at Pheasant Bonanza in Tekamah, NE. It looks like fun and even though I can’t hit the broad side of a barn I’m going to be on April’s team. I believe I will be the handicap. I have attached the schedule.

What a beautiful week we have ahead of us. We’ve earned it. 🙂

Carine and Indie

p.s. The picture of Jay and the beer can will be next week’s cover photo for Foxhunters on Facebook!

Check out the youtube helmet cam video here:

The Farm at Butterflat Creek

The Farm is a Hunter/Jumper facility that specializes mainly in Foxhunting and hunts with the North Hills Hunt. We compete in "B" and "A", as well as schooling shows. Carine is also a USEF licensed ‘r’ Hunter course designer. Our facilities include the main barn with indoor arena, box stalls, viewing/tack room, and restroom. There is also a large outdoor arena and 1 mile track that surrounds the hay field. Including the indoor stalls, there are also outdoor runs with shelter, as well as one large mare turnout and two large gelding turnouts.