Hunt Report January 3rd, 2015- Kennel Territory

Hello to all my frosty friends and my warm weather friends. =)

On Sunday, Jan. 3,  we hunted at the kennels. There was some discussion on whether we were going to hunt. The weather, wind, footing, care of horse, hounds and humans were being factored in– including the wild desire to go hunting! The hunt was moved from Cumberland to the kennels and pushed back to noon in the hopes of squeezing out every drop of sunshine and warmth that we could.

The weather was a brisk 19 degrees, mild wind– maybe 5 miles, the sun was shining brightly: Perfect weather to go hunting!

Huntsman Dave, the NHH hounds, MFH Dave K., Breanna O. and Morgan were our whips. MFH Luke and Nancy Evans were our road whips and the all important whoopee wagon. (Sam M. sent her homemade chocolate chip and raisin cookies.) Adam Gengenbach and Ryan Halford were road whips as well– thanks for picking up my tack as it fell off my horse and onto the road!.

Jay and Camie S., Tim and Libby C., Lana L., Brit V., her 6-year-old daughter Ella, Stephanie Caston, Carly Ross, our host for the day, Kristen Welch, Becca F., Jubilee M. and I made up the field.

The footing was fine and there were barefoot horses, horses with studs and horses with borium. Warm weather clothing was declared and we had every piece of warm clothing we owned on! Huntsman Dave set a brisk pace which was nice, no hanging around waiting to get cold. The fields were fun to ride in, sort of a Dr. Zhivago day. =)

We rode to a cornfield that had a small stand of trees and as the hounds flew into the trees, I thought I heard “Tally Ho!” I looked around, no one made a move, so I thought it was the wind. Then the hounds started speaking and then erupted into full cry! Away we flew! Whoo-HOO! Huntsman Dave galloped along when he cried out “TALLY HO!” He pointed and Friday, the marvelous horse that Ex-MFH Mary Lynn Forst donated to the NHH, rolled back on his haunches and immediately changed directions. He encouraged the hounds, they sang out and the sound echoed through the trees– what a beautiful sound.

So whipper-in Breanna did view and she did haloo– that was the sound I heard. The coyote came out right in front of Huntsman Dave and Friday almost stepped on him. He said it was a big, beautiful, bushy coyote. The coyote ran hard and tried to make his escape towards the interstate. MFH Dave yells at him and he turns the coyote! Dave said it was the first time he’s ever turned a coyote by yelling at him! This started about a one-mile run and we eventually had a loss.

Huntsman Dave gathered the hounds, we had a brief whoopee wagon and then marched home. Just in time, too. The sun was starting to disappear and the wind picked up.

Kristen brought three types of chili, homemade corn bread, brownies and a delicious salad! I think it was kale with orange slices and other stuff.

My rider of the day is Ella! She was all dressed up in her pink coveralls, her wonderful pony and her mom, Brit, right beside her. =)

The weather next weekend looks frightful, but we might have a party of some sorts at the kennels. We’ll keep you posted.

Stay warm,

Carine and Indie

The Farm at Butterflat Creek

The Farm is a Hunter/Jumper facility that specializes mainly in Foxhunting and hunts with the North Hills Hunt. We compete in "B" and "A", as well as schooling shows. Carine is also a USEF licensed ‘r’ Hunter course designer. Our facilities include the main barn with indoor arena, box stalls, viewing/tack room, and restroom. There is also a large outdoor arena and 1 mile track that surrounds the hay field. Including the indoor stalls, there are also outdoor runs with shelter, as well as one large mare turnout and two large gelding turnouts.