RIDERS Profile – Lindsay Osborne

Let me tell you a little about RIDERS. RIDERS influenced one of the most invigorating moments of my life, while opening up many opportunities that I didn’t think were possible for me, such as the thrill of galloping through fields while on a chase. I was able to foxhunt during the 2017-2018 season, and that was one of the most […] Continue Reading

RIDERS Profile – Daryl Jensen

Being a part of the rider program helped me further my love of horses and hounds.  I was so thankful and fortunate to be a part of the program because my passion for horses and foxhunting grew and grew.  I was given opportunities to meet new people with the same interests as mine.  The hard work I put forth at […] Continue Reading

RIDERS Profile – Jubilee Miller

RIDERS is such a great program. Without it I would not have started hunting. It gave me the opportunity to hunt. From there I was hooked and continued on hunting and getting involved. I now hunt as a whip with North Hills Hunt and if it hadn’t been for RIDERS I would not be here today. I am so thankful […] Continue Reading

Hunting at the kennels

We Came. We Viewed. We chased. We cool Omaha is apparently the new Canada. Another week of sub freezing weather and ridiculous winds. Wednesday was our only promising day of the week and hunting was only contingent on Whipporwill Road getting plowed. The county came through Tuesday and a cubbing was quickly planned. We started at 2:30 and headed home […] Continue Reading

Corky Canvas fundraiser

Dear membership, Last night we gathered at the Corky Canvas in downtown Omaha to paint, eat and be merry. We were originally scheduled for last Tuesday, but we had to reschedule because of the ice and snow storm. Last night we braved sub-Arctic wind chills instead!   We had all sorts of wonderful foods provided by several members and it […] Continue Reading


Hello friends near and far, Winter has a death grip on us and its ugly. Snow, ice, wind, bitter temperatures. This week is going to get down and dirty. Huntsman Dave, with the approval of the Masters, made the decision to take the hounds to Burwell where the weather was forecasted for 38 on Saturday and 48 on Sunday. MFH […] Continue Reading

Fire in the hole!

KA BOOM! We were smoking from the get go  We hunted from the kennels this weekend. It’s our smallest fixture and the viewings have been few and far between the last several times we’ve hunted there. Not on Sunday! We had been hunting about 5 minutes when Professional Whip Bre O viewed a big, furry coyote. She halooed and then […] Continue Reading


Holy Coyote, Batman! We blew the barn doors open today! What a SUPER FUN, AMAZING, AWESOME, Top 10 day! On our drive to Cumberland we  viewed a big, fluffy coyote in a corn field, a flock of turkeys, deer and a fox snacking on a dead deer (Bre called to tell us to keep a visual by milemarker 60 for […] Continue Reading