Welcome back to another season with North Hills Hunt. Burwell is located in the Sandhills of Nebraska. Known for its wide open ranges, sandy footing and sweeping winds. It is our most popular fixture, drawing fox hunters from around the United States. 

A group of NHH members spent the weekend working on coops, relaxing and riding the country. The weather was forecast to be too hot for the hounds, so they stayed home. 

We split into two groups and worked on the Matranga country and the Packard country. All the coops were repaired, a couple of coops were taken down and moved to a more useful area. Harley’s coop which jumped us into the Borrow Pit, was taken out by the Nebraska Game and Parks. Huntsman Dave repurposed it to another area. Speaking of names, we put names on several of the coops and it was quite useful when we rode the country the next day and were able to identify where we were by the coop. 

If you would like to purchase a coop plate they are $25. Please email me with the name and we will have the plates ready to mount for the fall Burwell.


Christian: a fabulous hunt horse owned by MFH Dave Keffeler and me

MFH Luke and Sam Matranga

This is Packard Country on Monday. From my GoPro.

After working we had lunch in the shade of the cedar trees on MFH Luke and Sam Matranga’s Fox Tail Farm. Lunch was provided by MFH Monte Antisdel

Bre Kruger

This coop was named for Brandon Orsborn, Bre Krugers brother who passed away. My brother Mike Cardisco is on this other coop. He’s been gone 34 years-not forgotten

part of the volunteers

Part of the work group. We worked on the Matranga country. We had some conflict with the weed whacker, but after multiple discussions, calling for technical support from Larry, a combined effort of Marissa Miller and Catherine Dargin, the weedwhacker decided to work. Bre had some collateral damage on her faceyell  

Spiderman. Another wonderful hunt horse
Zoe. An amazing hunt horse.

These coops were named after two great hunt horses: Zoe and Christian

Wicked. We rode the Matranga country
Jenni Toebben and Roxi

We enjoyed riding the Matranga country on Saturday. It was a beautiful day!

Holly Barrett was our guide on Friday as we took a short trail ride on the beaches of Calamus Reservoir.

Trail ride to the beach. Holly Barrett
Jubilee and Reckless
through the ears of Wicked. Calamus Reservoir

This Thursday is the Safe Rider Program at Skyline Ranches. Starts at 6:00 pm  Please rsvp to Bre Kruger bredana@hotmail.com

Saturday is  a a trail ride at Waubonsie. Please contact Holly Barrett for more information and to rsvp hollylynnbarrett@gmail.com 

Sunday is a riding/jumping event at Ponca Farms 10:00 start time. Please rsvp to me lcstava@gmail.com or text 402.981.9826

 Have a great week, it’s going to be beautiful!  



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