Women’s Trail Ride Weekend at Turkey Creek


I hope this finds everyone healthy, happy, safe and enjoying life =)

This past weekend 19 women, both members and non-members of NHH  met at Turkey Creek Ranch in Northeast Nebraska to fellowship, ride and relax.

A BIG Thank You to Vicki Krecek for organizing this weekend and ensuring that this fun event keeps going every summer! We were so excited, we started planning next years event at lunch on Sunday  =)

People started arriving Friday afternoon, settling into the two different cabins, living quarters and tents. We all gathered for dinner, pulled pork and a wide variety of side dishes provided by everyone. Thanks to Beth Wagner Van Dyke for organizing all the food, making sure we had a balanced diet-meat, carbs, chips & dips and desserts.

We then went for a quick ride.

Turkey Creek is about 500 acres of rolling hills, thick forest, a few open meadows and two fun play parks where you can challenge yourself and your mount.

There are big wide dirt paths where you could ride 2 abreast and there were paths for riding single file through the trees. We rode to the top of hills and had just absolutely beautiful views of the country for miles.

The weather was perfect and the bugs were just about non-existent, thank goodness.

After several more meals (which = more weight on us) and a few more rides through the trees we all packed up and headed home.

Our group (Teri Jizba, Kathy Magli and I) were the last to leave. Claire Winkelbauer and Libby Christi left on Saturday. Which foreshadowing this story means we had more room in our trailer….

I had a flat tire on Friday when I arrived, so Saturday morning Kathy and I went to Vermillion, SD to get my tire repaired.

Sunday morning that same tire was low. We decided to stop in Jackson to air the tire, fuel the truck and-get ice cream =)

As we’re driving home reminiscing about how much fun we had, I noticed a trailer pulled over on the side of the road. I slowed down to see if we knew them and lo and behold it was our roomies: Beth Van Dyke, Pat Waters and Kelsey Jordan.

Beth’s trailer  has blown the back rear tire on the trailer.

After some discussion we decide the best move is to load her horses into our trailer, a good Samaratin has stopped and offered to replace the blown tire with the spare.

Two police cars come, move the traffic over one lane, slow traffic somewhat ( we are on hwy 20-a long ways from any exit).

All the horses are great, hop in the trailer and away we go!

There are a few thoughts to take away from this.

1. Make sure we caravan or at least keep in contact with each other to make sure we can help each other out.

2. Join RIDER. We have been members for about 8 years or so. I believe they are the only tow service in the US that will tow trailers with horses.1-800-877-0445;


3. MAKE SURE YOUR HORSES LOAD! So many times I have been to hunts, horse shows, etc and I see people struggling to get their horses in the trailer. All of these horses were champs at loading, so we unloaded and jumped right in a strange trailer on the side of the hwy quickly and quietly.

We are grateful that all is well =)

Many blessings and we’ll see you all soon!


The Farm at Butterflat Creek

The Farm is a Hunter/Jumper facility that specializes mainly in Foxhunting and hunts with the North Hills Hunt. We compete in "B" and "A", as well as schooling shows. Carine is also a USEF licensed ‘r’ Hunter course designer. Our facilities include the main barn with indoor arena, box stalls, viewing/tack room, and restroom. There is also a large outdoor arena and 1 mile track that surrounds the hay field. Including the indoor stalls, there are also outdoor runs with shelter, as well as one large mare turnout and two large gelding turnouts.