Tally Ho and Oh that Snow! Hunt Report 02/02/2015

Tally Ho and Oh that Snow!

First of all let me start by saying Wednesday’s hunt was just about perfect. It was around 60 degrees, bright blue skies and about zero wind.

Libby had suggested to me on Monday that we should try and hunt on Wednesday since the weather was going to be spectacular and the weekend hunt was looking dubious. I emailed the Masters, Tyce and Hilary and the rest as the famous saying goes, is history.

Becca F, Libby C, guest Cari Gaynor & I were the field. MFH Dave was whipping in and Hilary and Finley were road whips.

Cari has been taking lessons on Josie, she has gone beagling and thought that was fun. I thought she should try fox hunting. We start off in our first field and I hear Cari, “Oh my Goodness, this is NOT the Josie from the ring!” Then Libby starts giggling and gave Cari a few pointers. All was well and she has the ride of her life. I think she is hooked on fox hunting!

We’re South of the kennels about 2 miles and the hounds are working this watery ditch that a few years ago the hounds found a pregnant coyote. Huntsman Tyce pulled the hounds off and she ran away-somewhat goobered, but otherwise unhurt. I’m sure we’ve chased her pups over the years. I digress-as I was reminiscing I hear MFH Dave on the radio (so glad I have a radio!!!) “Tally Ho!” I look over and there goes this big, fluffy coyote up the grass path. I don’t know if he was at the end of the ditch or just sunbathing in the field, but he heard the hounds and away he ran.

The young hounds had already gone by when he jumped up, but the older ones picked up the line.

I turned on my helmet cam and got it on film! You can’t see the coyote, they blend in so well with the country side, but you can see Tyce, the hounds, my finger pointing the way and me saying “he went that a way”. Which turns out was North. We watched him run across the fields, over the terraces and away. We had a loss and Tyce carried the hounds to the last place Hilary had seen him. Nada.

We carry on and come to a coop, but since Becca’s horse doesn’t jump, I get the gate. I can jump off pretty smoothly, I got the gate-it has a Texas handle-but getting back on….in French they call it cul lourd (my grandparents were French and my brother and I spent the summers there. Some of those expressions stuck with me) loosely translated it means ass heavy.

By the time I got back in the saddle, Tyce, the hounds and Dave were long gone. I took off quickly (heard an expletive) and went in search of our leaders. We had a fast and fun gallop across the bean field. So fast, I didn’t hear Dave on the radio saying we were blowing by them.

We go back and join up, heading back to the kennels. Nothing else was found, but it was such a fun and relaxing day.

Even took my jacket off, it was so warm!

The weather took a turn for the worse on Saturday. We’re at the kennels and MFH Dave and MFH Monte have waived coats.

Professional whip Hilary is in the irons today, Morghan Herman is her wingman.  MFH Dave is riding as a whip, as well. The field: MFH Monte and Diane, new member Keith Rohwer, Jay and Camie S, Tim and Libby C, Lana L, Emma L and me, myself and I (I can’t remember the correct usage so I’m using all three)

Huntsman trots off and I can tell he is heading over the same place that we viewed on Wednesday. Blank.

We keep pressing on and a slight misting rain has started. We arrive at that same coop, Jay takes the field over the coop and I go get the gate. I’m consistent. Smooth dismount, easy gate, can’t get my a** in the saddle.  Indie is small, too, barely 16.0 hh.

The hounds are working, speaking, feathering in this draw. They’re trying to work it out and it is-as always-fun to watch them. Nothing comes of it, onward we go

The rain has turned to snow and it is quite pretty. Big, fat flakes just falling from the the sky.

MFH Monte and Diane have turned back and shortly after that Jay and Camie retire from the field, too.

We ride on searching high and low, there are a few times when the hounds seem to have something, but it peters out.

I voice that I’m cold and ready to head home, thank goodness the rest of the field was in agreement!

Tyce says we’re heading home and off we trot, bringing some warmth back to our extremities.

Libby has made brunch. Lasagne!

This coming weekend a group of us: Huntsman Tyce & Hilary,  MFH Monte and Diane, MFH Dave and Becca F, Ex-MFH Mary Lynn and John, Tim and Libby, Helen S, Nancy E,Deb G, Camie S, Larry and I will head south to hunt. The weather looks like it will be beautiful!


Carine and Indie

p.s. I included a picture of my new grandbaby, Axton Lee Tregaskes. Born 12-26-14.

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