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What a Fun, Exhilarating, Thrilling, Sunny, Wind burn, Scrumptious, Arm tearing hunt on Saturday!

Becca Fellman and her guests



























guest Marissa Miller-she had a BLAST!



























Mommy to be, Bre Kruger




























We hunted from our Arlington country for the first time this season on Saturday. The sun was bright, the sky was Nebraska blue and nary a cloud to be seen. Steve Kruger (Dave’s dad) had a small fire pit going for everyone as we shared a stirrup cup and treats. Thanks to Jana (Dave’s mom), Krista Brown and Danny Lebeau for all the pre hunting goodies and the delectable meal afterwards.

The country there is as flat as a pancake and you can see for miles! We headed north to a minimum maintenance road and then east and then into a field where Huntsman Dave saw something quickly duck into a hole in the ground. The hounds went crazy and were digging frantically. Two hounds managed to crawl their way in and came out covered in dirt. Brown from nose to tail. Huntsman Dave could hear the the coyote growling down in the hole.

We headed east (don’t you love all these directions, Monte and Dave?!) and then Huntsman Dave turned south and went into a small CRP field. Suddenly, I hear Huntsman Dave hollering TALLY HO! I see a big, furry, healthy coyote streaking out of the CRP field and flying across the bean field. Huntsman Dave is encouraging the hounds and they’re peeling out of the cover and are hot on the coyotes heels. The coyote makes a hard turn to the right, crosses a small creek and heads straight towards the gate group. Huntsman Dave has to reverse the field in order to get back to the only place we can get over the creek. The field reverses as the hounds (all 31 hounds) are still streaming out of the CRP and across the bean field. We were like salmon swimming upstream trying to avoid the hounds while they’re screaming on the coyote and Huntsman Dave is whooping up, encouraging the hounds and galloping like the wind. Indie has been a wild man all day so when the coyote first flew out and we had the first quick chase across the field, I couldn’t stop him. I finally wrestled him to a semi-stop and then reversed the field to stay with Huntsman Dave. I stayed at a hand gallop and wouldn’t let him go full throttle.

Huntsman Dave

Snap shot from Junior member Bray Duckworth’s GoPro of the coyote! Great viewing!



That flat country gave whipper in’s Catherine and Jubilee a perfect view of the whole event. They picked up the chase as the coyote kept running hard with Critter sniffing his fanny. Jubilee was a rocket ship on Xena-Professional whip/road whip/mommy-to-be Bre in her car,  clocked her at 40 mph.

We eventually had a loss, Huntsman Dave  and the wonderful whips collected all the hounds and we had a whoopee wagon break. The WW is SO IMPORTANT! It’s so nice to drop your whip, have a cookie, a drink and regroup for another go across the fields.

whipper-in Helen

This time we head south and STRAIGHT INTO THE WIND!!!!Image result for Clip Art For Wind

Man Alive that was some face, freezing wind! We eventually turned back east and then north and it’s amazing how when the wind is at your back you don’t even feel it, when it just ripped the skin off your face 5 minutes ago.















We didn’t see any more coyotes, so we made our way back the Steve and Jana’s house and that scrumptious meal I mentioned earlier. Salad, garlic bread, LASAGNA and this creamy, delicious dessert. Jana had all the tables decorated with candies, flowers and pictures from when we were there i December making cookies for the landowner gifts.



This Saturday we are hunting from our Kennel country. Multiple coyotes have been seen Image result for Free Clip Art of A Coyote

Tally HO!

Thank you Samantha Moran and Trace Duckworth for your photos =)


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