Show Schedule

The Farm at Butterflat Creek Tentative Show Schedule.  Please contact us here to schedule or for questions.  We actively compete in local schooling shows,  INHJA shows, as well as rated shows within our region.  Visit USHJA and USEF for more info.

These are some of the shows we regularly attend:

February 5-9 Lake St. Louis Hunter/Jumper III “A”

March 8 Ponca Hills Schooling

April 4-6 Quail Run’s Omaha Jumper Preview “A”

April 5 Ponca Hills Schooling

April 11-12 The International Omaha 5

April 14-17 Quail Run’s Indoor Hunter Days “A”

April 24-27 PEC April H/J Show “A”

April 30-May 4 Springtime Sunshine at Quail Run “A”

May- TBA Dresden Manor Schooling

May 7-11 Maffitt Lake Spring Gathering I “A”

May 14-18 Maffitt Lake Spring Gathering II “A”

May 28-June 1 Midstates Spring (Mason City) “A”

June- TBA Dresden Manor Schooling

June 4-8 Midstates Summerfest (Mason City) “A”

June 11-15 Midstates Summer (Mason City) “A”

July 2-6 Summer in the Rockies IV (CHP) “A”

July 19 Bender Horse Sport (Gretna) Schooling

July 23-27 Valley Park Horse Show “B”

July 30-August 3 Two Rivers Summer Festival Premier (Maffit) “AA”

August 2-3 Infinity Farm Schooling

August 6-10 Two Rivers Summer Festival I (Maffit) “AA”

August 13-17 Two Rivers Summer Festival II (Maffit) “AA”

August 21-24 PEC August H/J Show “A”

August 27-31 End of Summer at Quail Run “A”

October 3-5 Derby Days at the Farm at Butterflat Creek N/A

October 9-12 PEC October H/J Show “A”

October 11 Cornhusker Pony Club Middle Cross Stables Schooling

October 25 EEC Top 10 Rider’s Finals Schooling


Show Results

Lake St. Louis Hunter/Jumper III Horse Show- Feb. 5-9, 2014
Place Class Rider
744 Queen of Hearts – Katie Hess
4 224 Training Jumper (Low) 1.05M Katie Hess
4 232 Children’s Jumper Low 1.05 M Katie Hess
4 233 Children’s Jumper (Low) – 1.05 M Katie Hess
3 234 Children’s Jumper (Low) – 1.05 M Katie Hess
8 236 $500 Child/Adult Jumper High 1.10M – 1.15m Katie Hess
8 237 $1500 Child/Adult Jumper Classic 1.10m – 1.15m Katie Hess


745 Rose’s Red Shoes – Carine Carpisco Stava
261 0.85M Jumper Blue Ribbon Clear Round Megan Rhoades
264 0.95M Jumper Blue Ribbon Clear Round Megan Rhoades


Ponca Hills Schooling  Show- April 5, 2014

Katie Hess- Champion, 2’9″; Reserve Champion, 2’6″; Reserve Champion, 3′

Rachel Dunetts- Champion, 3′


The International Omaha, Local Day- April 11, 2014

Megan Rhoades- Reserve Champion

Megan Rhoades
Megan Rhoades