December 9th- Beagling with NHH

Happy Holidays,

The year has flown by! Thanksgiving is a just a daily reminder of the extra pounds we are now packing around 🙁 Christmas is sneaking up on us!  Deer hunting season is in full mode and is really cramping our Fox Hunting…..  This Sunday 11 riding members joined Huntsman Tyce, Professional Whip Hilary M, Honorary Whip Nancy E and Helen S (she was a road whip and rescued a beagle that was hanging around the trailer) in our Yutan country for 2 hours of beagling.  MFH Luke M, MFH Dave K, Ex-MFH Mary Lynn F, Vicki K, Lana L, Rebecca Fellman, her cousin Keith Rohwer, Rebecca’s cousin Emma, John Kruger, guest Cari Gaynor, guest Eileen Nosky, cute Mason and his sister (can’t remember her name), whoopie wagon Sarah Caruso and Chris Arnold.  It was colder than the weather person predicted (as usual), but we still had a fun time watching those beagles run and scream. Tally Ho! There goes a bunny 🙂  Beagling is a great place to take a green horse -Lana took Q. He has never been hunting and he was awesome.  Beagling is a great time for riders new to hunting. Eileen Nosky had never been, neither had Cari Gaynor.  Nancy and Helen provided the meal afterwards and shelter from the cold.  Nancy set up a table and tablecloth (so classy) in her trailer. Swept out the fresh poop, kept some bedding and hay for footing, creating quite an ambiance. We had HOT lasagna, salad, HOT chocolate, rolls, cookies, cupcakes, pecan pie, wine, a virtual smorgasbord!  This weekend the weather is supposed to be beautiful and we would like to take the hounds to Burwell. They haven’t been hunting since Tipton and Burwell would be a great place to let them move out. Please let me know if you would like to go. It will be a small group and there will be a gate group.

Have a great day 🙂



November 3rd- NHH Joint Hunt

Hi everyone,

This weekend was NHH Joint Hunt, celebrating our 50th Anniversary. I must say, all stops were pulled out to make for a smashing event! So many people contributed in so many ways to show our guests a great time. MFH Monte kept everyone in the loop, greeted all the guests, made sure there were plenty of libations and above all else made everyone feel welcome.

Cody and Melinda did a million things from securing rooms for our human guests to making sure all the horses and hounds had a home away from home. So many important details to ensure a good time is had by all-human and animal =)

Thursday NHH hounds, Professional Huntsman Tyce M, Professional Whipper-in Hilary M and Honorary Whipper-in Helen S and I believe 17 riders hunted our Cumberland Country which included MVH Huntsman Jim Beisel, FLH MFH Huntsman Stephanie Wilcox Carter, plus the whips from each hunt riding with our whips.

Over and over I heard from so many riders how amazing our hounds were. How obedient they were to Tyce’s voice and horn. Steve and MFH Susan Satterlee (Harvard Hounds) rode Thursday and Friday. Steve was going to draft a hound or two from NHH and he wasn’t sure how he could make a decision with so many outstanding hounds to pick from.

We hunted for 3.5 hours and although the hounds worked hard, nothing was found. A no host dinner was held in the town of Cumberland.

Thursday morning dawned much colder and the wind raised her ugly head. I believe 34 riders were mounted, many had costumes planned, but scrapped that idea for warm clothes. My costume, Cruella DeVille, allowed me to layer and I was toasty warm (I did look like a polka dotted Oompa Loompa). Again we hunted for 3.5 hours, with Mission Valley Huntsman Jim B hunting their hounds. Fun to watch, so different from our hounds. We finished with Jim McNutt and I in the field. Thank goodness they saved food for us!

First place in the costume competition was George Washington from FLH, Second place was Little Bo Peep with the Big Bad Wolf (Deb and Kevin Graham), third place was two pirates (mother/daughter) from MVH (I think?). Monte always gets everyone’s name straight. Great food by Mary Curran and Ex-MFH Mary Lynn Forst. Once again NHH was the Hostess with the Mostest.

Saturday, NHH hunted our hounds and WHAT a HUGE TURNOUT! Best count was 48 riders, not including staff and ground support. We hunted for almost 4 hours, saw some new country, had a brief hard run, no viewing, but again great work by hounds and staff. It was SO FUN to see so many riders!

This Saturday is our Junior  Hunt in Yutan, please RSVP to me if you are coming so we can plan for enough food. Sunday is our Opening Hunt. We will have brunch at Omaha Country Club. Please RSVP to Jenni Toebben

Two weeks from now some of us: MFH Luke and Sam Matranga, MFH Dave Keffeler and Becca Fellman, MFH Monte and Diane Antisdel, Huntsman Tyce and Hilary M, Ex-MFH Mary Lynn Forst, Libby Christi, Cheri Delaney will meet us there, Larry and I will travel to Colorado to hunt at the Arapahaoe Rendezvous. This is the first time NHH has been invited to bring our hounds to the Rendezvous! Quite the coup for Professional Huntsman Tyce and NHH. Grand Canyon Hounds will hunt on Wednesday, our hounds will hunt Thursday, Arapahoe will hunt Friday, mixed pack on Saturday, beagles on Sunday.



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