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Junior Hunt Weekend was a great success!

Saturday we changed the beagle hunt from Yutan-too many crops were still in the fields-to The Farm at Butterflat Creek. It was a lovely day, sunny with a bit of a brisk wind. Thirty three riders came out to enjoy the beagles, the sunshine and the kindness of everyone. Our youngest rider rode double behind her brother while being lead by their mother.

older brother on the left, mom, two siblings on the right. PC Holly Barrett

Hessy and Timothy Bateman joined NHH after the beagle hunt! PC Nancy Evans


The beagles were very busy and rousted a squirrel, giving good chase. They listen well, pack up and hunt well. What a huge improvement from when they first started the pack. Once again, proving the abilities of Huntsman Dave and his staff: Professional whip Bre Kruger, Honorary whips: Jubilee Miller, Helen Smith, Nancy Evans & Catherine Dargin.

RIDER kids sponsored the brunch  held afterwards on the patio at The Farm.

Sunday the fixture was changed from the kennels, again too many crops in the field, to Cumberland. We had a good turnout and thankfully, the wind was at a minimum.

Audrey, Harper, Bray, me, Hannah, Rylee








































The youth were encouraged to ride with staff and Bray Duckworth on Harry Potter (RIDER member) rode up with Huntsman Dave, Hannah Hamilton (RIDER member) rode with Jubilee. Audrey Schultz moved up about halfway through the hunt to ride with Huntsman Dave and Hannah moved back to be with the field. Audrey’s horse was much better up front and Hannah’s was much better with the field. The juniors HAD SO MUCH FUN!

We covered quite a bit of territory and the hounds put a coyote into a giant brush pile. He was growling and hissing and staying put. Huntsman Dave gathered the hounds and off we went looking for more coyote to chase. None was seen and since there was still a lot of corn in the fields, Huntsman Dave called it a day and we headed home.

and on the way home someone fell off……

Lunch was hosted by the Tjardes family: chili, cornbread and a variety of desserts.

Josie was a wild woman and Rylee is exhausted. Audrey is asleep behind






Riding with the Huntsman is a lot of hard riding!
















Saturday we are hunting at Cumberland 10:00 formal attire. Please RSVP to Stephanie Caston for brunch. Brit Gengenbach is the co-host stephcaston@gmail.com

Annual birthday party at Antisdels 6:00 pm please rsvp mrantisdel@aol.com

Sunday Veterans Day Hunt 10:00 am Formal/Patriotic attire. Please rsvp to bredana@hotmail.com Dave, Bre and Jamie Haith are our hosts.

Carine and Indie

Honorary Secretary, NHH