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Yesterday we hunted from our Cumberland country. It was a bit of slippery, icy start to the day. I tried to get up our driveway with 6 horses in the trailer. Made it about 1/4 of the way up and couldn’t go farther. My trailer started to drag me back down the hill. I jack knifed into the field and needless to say-it was a bit heart thumping 😱 We unloaded the horses and I made two more runs at the hill before I made it up to the top. We loaded the horses and away we went!

When we arrived at Dave (Crazy) and Charlotte Brahms place, the hunt trailer was stuck. They unloaded the horses and were able to get up. Two other trailers had gotten stuck earlier. Queenie (that’s my trucks name) just marched right up the driveway.

It was a spectacularly bright, sunny, beautiful day. The sun was making the snow just shine. The snow was crusty and at places deep. One pony hit a drift and the rider took a header.

Huntsman Dave had 14.5 hounds, Morghan and Mason rode up with Huntsman Dave. Whips: Jubilee and Jamie (J square), Catherine and I (C square) I’m not a whip, I just rode to help give Catherine directions 😁We had 9 riders in the field, MFH Monte was in the side by side with Professional whip Bre (T-22 days) and Kristen Johansen (our hungry hunter hostess). She had wraps and soup for lunch 😋 It was so nice to enjoy a good meal in a warm place, sitting on something that wasn’t moving!

PC Holly




















the field



















































RIDER girls: Rylee, Bray, Hannah, Sydney

whip Catherine through the ears of Wicked
















We rode f0r 3 hours, 11 miles and saw all sorts of turkey, raccoon, deer, rabbit and mice tracks across the snow. We also saw SO MANY coyote tracks-but not a single coyote. Catherine and I also found huge paw tracks that we thought could possibly be cougar. Just meandering through the corn field….

I love the quiet hunts like yesterday. I look around and enjoy the beauty of the country side. I could hear the wind turbines turning. I was watching the RIDER kids riding and enjoying the day, their horses, each others company and I thought of all the young kids that have grown up and become such wonderful young ladies and continue to hunt.  Sam Moran wasn’t out yesterday, but I hunted with her for years!

Professional whip as a youngster and Anne Marquardt in Burwell

Jamie and Bre 2019


Jamie Haith (on the left) 2007 Viewing a coyote at our Yutan Country.

























Jamie (on the left) Jubilee on the right

Jubilee (on the left) and Daryl Jensen. Tipton 2015?















































It’s going to warm up this week ! We’re hunting at the kennels on Saturday. 11:00 am  Catherine and I are the hosts. Please RSVP to me.

We are also going to have a Fun Day at The Farm. $25 per person. All the money will go into the Landowners Gift fund. More details, including the date, will be emailed soon.

Thanks to Holly Barrett and Traci Duckworth for the pictures

Have a great week!