Hello members and friends,

I hope everyone is staying warm and preparing for this weekends Polar Express.
Last Sunday our beagle hunt was canceled due to cold and hunting was added on Saturday since the weather was forcasted to be warmer-
I gave myself a pep talk as I put hot liners in my boots, hot pads in my gloves, stuck a hot pad on my back, put my neck cozy on and my ear covers. Done.img_0960.jpg
Huntsman Dave, whipper-in MFH Dave K, Becca F, Bre O, Nancy E and Helen S, Brit V the NHH hounds and 17 members toasted our new land owners and our hosts John Kruger and Mary Lynn Forst.
I led first flight (Adam G, Mary Lynn and John), Jenny Nguyen and the mighty Harry Potter led second flight: Blaire Bogard,Lana Lynch, Julia S,  Andrea Roland, Holly Barrett, guest Shaina Kennedy (she had a complete blast!), guest Caitlin Cedfeldt (she had SO much FUN!), guest April Goettle-she held back with Pat Waters and Diane Ulmer to make a third flight.
guest April Goettle-she had So. Many. Layers. On!
Huntsman Dave started off with a quick pace, a good way to get the blood moving in the  horses, riders and hounds. img_0964.jpg
We rode for about 30 minutes when a coyote was viewed not far ahead of us by the whoopee wagon . Huntsman Dave kept  the hounds moving  and about 5 minutes later the hounds started speaking and away we ran! Whipper-in Bre views, Huntsman Dave is encouraging the hounds with voice and horn. How Fun!
Whipper-in MFH Dave and Becca view as well.
We ran for a couple of miles, before the hounds have a loss. One of the local landowners that was on the road viewed two coyotes. We chased the one going south, the other went west.
We all regroup with a whoppee wagon break-Hot Apple Cider =) and homemade cinnamon buns. Thanks to Jana and Steve Kruger (Dave’s parents), Tim and Libby Christi.img_0958.jpg
Mary Lynn Forst handing out her tasty cinnamon rolls
guest Shaina Kennedy, having a fabulous time!
We hunted for about another hour and then returned to our trailers and a hot, delicious meal that John and Mary Lynn hosted. Salad, chicken pot pie and brownie/ice cream/chocolate syrup for dessert 
This new Arlington Country is HUGE! The exact numbers aren’t out yet, but it has lots of room for us to run, plenty of coyotes and landowners who are happy to see us and interested in our sport.
I went to the Geek Squad and they fixed my head cam-Yipee! Here is a brief video of Sunday.
See you at MFH Luke and Sam’s Christmas party on Sunday.
Carine, Honorary Secretary
Kona/ Libby and Tim Christi’s new hunt horse. He was super fun!