Holy Coyote, Batman!

What a SUPER FUN DAY! I wish you could have all been there. =)
With the recent snowstorms, we were undecided if and where we would be able to hunt this weekend. We were scheduled to hunt our Persia country, but concern over tearing up the lawn at Jesi and Dillon Clark’s home (they bought Rick and Melissa’s farm), the hunt was moved to our Cumberland country. This was after Melinda B. assured us that there wasn’t hardly any snow there. =)

The drive over was tight– at least my right hand on the steering was. I kept having to let go and flex my fingers. The fog was so thick the entire way! MFH Dave asked MFH Monte to delay the start time to make sure everyone would have extra time to get there.

The fog started to lift about the time we were all saddled. There were 11 riders in the field, including MFH Monte (field master), Diane A., Ex-MFH Mary Lynn F., Nancy E., Libby and Tim C., Lana L., Jubilee M., Emma L., Becca F. and me.
Huntsman Dave, whipper-in Bre O., whipper-in Helen S., whipper-in MFH Dave K. and whipper-in Ted C. and nine couple of hounds were present.

We started off heading straight south out of Brahms farm. Cody M. opened the gate since the coop was covered with snow. We used the gate at the next coop, again lots of snow drifting up onto the coop. We came to the first dirt road and we’re going to head east, but we plunged into a snow bank about chest-deep on my horse. There were a few refusals as the horses struggled through the deep snow– in the meantime I heard our road crew talking to each other on the walkie-talkies.

“We need a tow chain.”

I think they got stuck before they got off the farm. That just shows you what kind of tough farm girl Melinda is. I hate to see what a lot of snow looks like to her!

Huntsman Dave had the hounds work the creek bed. Just a few pheasants flushed. (They’ve been scarce these last couple of years). We came back to Oxford Road and rode into a little clearing to have a quick whoopee wagon break, but the whoopee wagon was somewhere else and one of the road whips got his truck stuck. We totally left him and moved on. =) (Someone was bringing that tow chain.)

We crossed the field and met up with the whoopee wagon and had a quick break of cookies and drinks. Huntsman Dave carried the hounds north and then west into the cornfield, across the CRP field where they made a little noise on an old scent. We came to another coop, but with all the snow all we could see was a small portion of the top board. Huntsman Dave cuts through the woods and we were now in what they call the “bowl.” We trotted along and as we crested the hill, Huntsman Dave shouted, “TALLY HO!” All of a sudden the hounds broke into full cry! You’ve heard that expression?!? It was so amazing to be so close, to see the coyote jump up, start running and the hounds just screaming!!

Whipper-in Bre had the coyote in full view, and she was on the radio telling us that he is on the track that we had just ridden. Whipper-ins Ted and MFH Dave cut across the field, trying to gain on him. We, the field, were breathing down Huntsman Dave’s neck. Suddenly he stopped. His stirrup leather just snapped! He grabbed a hold of his iron and kept riding. We go about half a mile, he dismounted, and I take my belt off– it’s an old stirrup leather– and I’m going to give him my good stirrup leather. There wasn’t enough time to do all this so Dave opted to tie the leather in a knot and climbed back on.

We galloped across the field, down the road, turned north and kept galloping. The whips have done an EXCELLENT job keeping the coyote in sight and watching the hounds stay hot on his tail. Whipper-in Helen Smith and one of our road whips finally stopped the hounds when the coyote goes into country where we don’t have permission.

The entire field stayed up and together till the end! We toasted a great run. Huntsman Dave gathered all the hounds. We switched out stirrup leathers, and I used my belt for my iron. Then I hiked up my other leather 3 holes. Tim C. gave me a leg up since there wasn’t any possibility of my getting my fanny in the saddle.We had gone 10 miles. I have included a map that Diane A. sent from her EquiTrack app. That’s a cool app. It tracks miles, speed, and has a map to look over later. Huntsman Dave and whipper-in Bre had their GoPro’s on and they were able to capture the entire run!
We hacked home, laughing and carrying on the whole way!

Dave Brahms and his band, Sneaky Peak, belted out some songs while we had a great brunch hosted by Bre O. and Rebecca F.: tacos, burritos, chips, Mexican drinks. =)

What a Great Day!

This Saturday Huntsman Dave will take the beagles out in our kennel country. They’re always fun. I hope you can join us. =) Please RSVP to Mary Lynn Forst if you are planning on coming. She will be our host for the day. mlforst1231@gmail.com
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