Hello Spring!

The weather is still a bit iffy, but at least the worst is behind us!

I missed writing about last week’s Joint Hunt. I was exhausted after all those early morning chores, riding and eating =)

A summary of the Joint hunt was that it was a great success! Every meal was fabulous-A BIG Thank You to Mary Lynn F for organizing all the meals. All of our members were so generous in bringing food and drinks. Thank you SO MUCH to MFH Luke, MFH Dave and MFH Monte for reaching out to our other hunts and making the effort to keeping us all connected and supporting each other.

I’ve included some pictures that Rick W, Kate Kimmons and Becca F took.

My rider of the weekend was new member Adam Gengenbach, DVM! He rode each day, was game on and looked after 2 horses that needed some extra care after the hunts. Plus he’s super nice and fun!

This past weekend we had Closing Hunt-where did the season go?

I was awakened by coyotes at 3:30 a.m. – it’s going to be a great day!

Huntsman Dave started the ceremonies by honoring JJ, our oldest hound in the kennels. He is an awesome hound and has hunted well for NHH for many years. This was his last hunt. He also honored Havoc and Holly, two very nice bitches that gave their all for NHH.

Tim Christi then gave a toast to Mary Lynn Frost and John Kruger celebrating their marriage!!! Libby was the wedding consultant and had the most beautiful cake, champagne flutes for everyone and other fun wedding accessories.

Tim also toasted Lisa Nemath  for her promotion to Colonel in the Air Force!

There were 25 riders in the field, 7 whips and the NHH hounds.

The neighbors called Huntsman Dave and Breanna and said that they spotted a coyote in the field to the south of the kennels.

As we ride in the field just south of the kennels, Whipper-in Helen S and Samantha M view a coyote, but he crosses into country that we don’t have permission.

Huntsman Dave calls the hounds to him and we keep heading east, to the wooden bridge and up to the honeypot forest and what do we see?!? Out pops a coyote running west. The hounds are running hard east on another line. This is breeding season, so the coyotes are pairing up. We circle around, the hounds run hard, speaking and whipper-in Morgan views another coyote, We ride, gallop, laugh, circle, gallop, laugh-thank goodness for the whoopee wagon! It kept us well supplied

I can’t remember the rest, I have to go to bed, I have to be up at 3:30 to catch a flight, so blah, blah, blah-everyone just looks at the pictures anyway!

Thank you Jenny N, Ralph Welch, Becca F and Helen Smith. for the pictures

Happy Easter!


NHH Honorary Secretary