Tally Ho and Oh that Snow! Hunt Report 02/02/2015

Tally Ho and Oh that Snow! First of all let me start by saying Wednesday’s hunt was just about perfect. It was around 60 degrees, bright blue skies and about zero wind. Libby had suggested to me on Monday that we should try and hunt on Wednesday since the weather was going to be spectacular and the weekend hunt was […] Continue Reading

Rider Safety

Hello everyone, I have been a riding member with NHH since MFH Dave K introduced me to this wild and crazy sport in 1999. I started leading the field 4-5 years ago when MFH Luke M was gravely injured in a fall at Burwell. Sam was able to drive her suburban back into the country and take Luke to Burwell, […] Continue Reading

Dear Friends of the Frozen Tundra Hunt Report 01/04/2105

Dear Friends of the Frozen Tundra: First, I would like to thank Hilary M for suggesting that we change hunting from Sunday to Saturday! Praise GOD! As I headed to the barn at ODN (oh dark nothing), what should cross my path? A fox! Tally Ho I yell to the dogs in the back seat. It’s an omen of the […] Continue Reading

Beagling with NHH

Happy Holidays, The year has flown by! Thanksgiving is a just a daily reminder of the extra pounds we are now packing around 🙁 Christmas is sneaking up on us!  Deer hunting season is in full mode and is really cramping our Fox Hunting…..  This Sunday 11 riding members joined Huntsman Tyce, Professional Whip Hilary M, Honorary Whip Nancy E […] Continue Reading

NHH Joint Hunt

Hi everyone, This weekend was NHH Joint Hunt, celebrating our 50th Anniversary. I must say, all stops were pulled out to make for a smashing event! So many people contributed in so many ways to show our guests a great time. MFH Monte kept everyone in the loop, greeted all the guests, made sure there were plenty of libations and […] Continue Reading