Hello friends near and far, Winter has a death grip on us and its ugly. Snow, ice, wind, bitter temperatures. This week is going to get down and dirty. Huntsman Dave, with the approval of the Masters, made the decision to take the hounds to Burwell where the weather was forecasted for 38 on Saturday and 48 on Sunday. MFH […] Continue Reading

Fire in the hole!

KA BOOM! We were smoking from the get go  We hunted from the kennels this weekend. It’s our smallest fixture and the viewings have been few and far between the last several times we’ve hunted there. Not on Sunday! We had been hunting about 5 minutes when Professional Whip Bre O viewed a big, furry coyote. She halooed and then […] Continue Reading


Holy Coyote, Batman! We blew the barn doors open today! What a SUPER FUN, AMAZING, AWESOME, Top 10 day! On our drive to Cumberland we  viewed a big, fluffy coyote in a corn field, a flock of turkeys, deer and a fox snacking on a dead deer (Bre called to tell us to keep a visual by milemarker 60 for […] Continue Reading

Hunting at Arlington

Hello my friends and fellow fox hunters, What a super fun day! Huntsman Dave brought a small bitch pack to hunt our Arlington country. Professional whip Bre O, Honorary whips Helen S, Samantha M and Jubilee M were our staff. Steve and Jana Kruger were our hosts The footing was perfect. We were worried that it might be too muddy […] Continue Reading


Merry Christmas everyone =) I hope this finds everyone healthy and ready for some relaxing time away from work. We hunted on Saturday from our Cumberland country and although we didn’t view any coyotes, we had a great time =) Huntsman Dave and Bre always do their utmost to bring joy and fun to each and every hunt. We have […] Continue Reading

Hunting at Arlington

YIPEE!  We went hunting! This has been a rough start to the season. All the rain made the ground muddy and riding across the fields would have torn up the land. Then it snowed…(I saw some farmer harvesting his corn on Friday) Respecting our landowners is our number priority. Without them we would be riding around our 2 acres at […] Continue Reading

Rabbit hunting

Dear membership, Professional Whip Bre has taken the reins on the rabbit pack and her first outing was Wednesday at the Farm at Butterflat Creek. It was a beautiful fall day-sunny, no W, 55 degrees and the footing was perfect. 12 riders, 4 of the riders were going out of the ring for the first time. This was my first […] Continue Reading


Dear fellow fox hunter, I hope everyone had a restful and blessed Thanksgiving. So very many people, things and activities that we are thankful for. I am so thankful for the opportunity to ride and hunt, most especially to hunt with NHH and all the friends that I have made while hunting these last 20 years. This past weekend has […] Continue Reading

Opening Hunt

Hello All my Fox Hunting friends, It was an absolutely beautiful day to ride and a perfect day for Opening Hunt! The  was shining, the sky was so blue and the wind was barely moving. Photo credit: Michelle Tjardes Huntsman David Kruger, Professional Whip Bre Osborn, Honorary Whips  Nancy Evans,  Jubilee Miller & Junior whip Morghan Herman carried the hounds to […] Continue Reading


Hello Everyone! It’s that time of the year again  Our 2018-19 season is underway and our first formal hunt was this past weekend  in Burwell. The MFHA, our governing body, held their meeting at Burwell. We had all the dignitaries in town. President Tony Leahy, MFH & Huntsman Fox River Valley, David Twiggs, Executive Director & Keeper of the Stud […] Continue Reading