Hound walking

Hallelujah !! We’re starting to prepare for the 2020/21 NHH season =) Hunting is just around the corn and we’re excited to watch our hounds, young, prime and old get back into hunting shape. This past Thursday a group of enthusiastic riders, young (Layla, Cole, Harper, Bray and Katniss), prime (Huntsman Dave, Bre , Jamie and Jubilee) and old (me) […] Continue Reading


What a weekend! Tipton did not disappoint. First and foremost-the food was amazing, both in the quality and the quantity. Second, the weather was absolutely perfect. Not too hot, nor too cold. If there was wind, we didn’t feel it. Blue skies. Just a top ten day. I guess I should mention the hunting because that’s why we went Saturday […] Continue Reading

Happy Birthday, Huntsman Dave!

Hello! Another super fun day was had by all today !                                                   It was a spectacular day! Bright blue skies, about 50* at stirrup cup time. There was a little W, which unfortunately, increased in force […] Continue Reading

Tally Ho!

Hello to the membership 🙂 What a Fun, Exhilarating, Thrilling, Sunny, Wind burn, Scrumptious, Arm tearing hunt on Saturday!                                                                                   […] Continue Reading

Fun Day at The Farm

Hello Sunshine!          What a beautiful weekend. It’s such a relief to get a reprieve from the cold and deary winter. Unfortunately, it puts a stop to hunting. The fields and roads get too soft and muddy. The decision was made to cancel hunting on Saturday   We quickly decided to move the Fun Day at the […] Continue Reading

Hunting at Cumberland

Hello members =) Yesterday we hunted from our Cumberland country. It was a bit of slippery, icy start to the day. I tried to get up our driveway with 6 horses in the trailer. Made it about 1/4 of the way up and couldn’t go farther. My trailer started to drag me back down the hill. I jack knifed into […] Continue Reading

Boxing Day, Work Day at the kennels, Hunting at Cumberland

Happy New Decade! Boxing Day was moved to January 1st due to all the rain. We hunted from the kennels and the footing was pretty good, as was the whoopee wagon (those Guinness cupcakes made by guest Michelle Millsap were AMAZING!). It was also Ugly sweater day and Laura Allen won over some stiff competition           […] Continue Reading

Landowner gifts

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays =) Huntsman Dave declared this the weekend of Landowner Gift making and Giving ! His parents, Steve and Jana opened their home, bought all sorts of gift bags, made carmel corn and a whole host of cookies and other tasty edibles (not Steve). MFH Dave Keffeler donated boxes and will pay for the shipping of […] Continue Reading


Hello everyone,   Once again, Burwell does not disappoint. The weather was PERFECT! About 45 degrees while we had a little brunch provided by Brit and Adam G and Marcella T-N  prior to hunting. Hunting was at noon and dinner was a long ways away   Huntsman Dave, the NHH hounds and 19 excited riders headed west out of Packards. […] Continue Reading

Junior Hunt Weekend

Hello =) Junior Hunt Weekend was a great success! Saturday we changed the beagle hunt from Yutan-too many crops were still in the fields-to The Farm at Butterflat Creek. It was a lovely day, sunny with a bit of a brisk wind. Thirty three riders came out to enjoy the beagles, the sunshine and the kindness of everyone. Our youngest […] Continue Reading